Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy Night!

Uh... so, I was on my way to bed and I took a look out the window and I was shocked! I mean, I knew they said the snow was coming, but wow! Look how the snow is sitting on the individual branches! Again, wow!
I swear I had just looked out the window an hour before and the snow accumulation wasn't significant. Not like this.
I opened the front door and had to snap a pic of this tree, this is the same tree in yesterday's post. It's so loaded with snow that the branches are touching the ground! I can only imagine what it will look like in the morning!

As I was looking out various windows in the house, I caught a glimpse of the trees down by the pond and I was giddy. They were so pretty! I needed a picture. So, like any true Minnesotan, (transplanted to the P-NW) I pulled my snowboots on and well, I already had my sweatshirt on so I grabbed my camera as I was more than prepared to frolic in the snow.
And I captured this. A beautiful starry snowy night! Ahh....
And this. Snowy night by the pond.
And a snowy night back at the house. I snapped one more pic of my flowering plum tree at the end of my frolic. And then I got all snuggled in my bed, with dreams of snowflakes dancing in my head... or, something like that...

Happy snow day to me! And you!

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