Thursday, February 28, 2013

Father-Daughter Dance

Hello every one, Elena here I am just going to tell you guys about this amazing father daughter dance my dad took me to. It was great, my dad got me a wrist corsage, we went to dinner and (of course) the dance which was amazingly fun, I learned how to do "The Swing" from professional dancers. Here are some pictures from that night!!!
                                                  My Dad and I before we leave.
                                                       I love this dress it is soooo pretty.
                                                     Look at that wrist corsage.
Goofy dancing.
             I love to twirl and I am pretty good at not getting dizzy.
Practicing for the slow dance. 
 On the way.
Still on the way. 
 The dance was packed.
It was a super fun evening and I am so glad my dad brought me. I hope we go again next year.   


  1. Great post, Elena! You're so pretty! And getting very tall! That dance was packed - were any of your friends there? Love your dress!

  2. I love how you coordinated the pink dress with the pink shirt, you both look so nice! Elena, you look so pretty with your hair done up and the corsage! Glad you had such a good time, those memories are so special. ~Kiersten

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