Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

On an unseasonably sunny day in late December, the kids and I borrowed our neighbor's truck and made the trek to our neighborhood Christmas tree farm to pick out our very own Christmas tree.
How about this one?

Or this one? Yes, it's a branch! And yes, he takes after his father! :)

After searching and searching, left and right, up and down the hill - we finally settled on this one!

Teamwork was in full force.

It felt like we sawed and sawed and sawed... and then it finally became ours. We hauled the tree down the hill and left our $15.00 in the hole in the door of the Tree Farm Cabin.

But we took one last look at the tree farm before we scurried home to set up our goreous tree. The tree farm is breathtaking - I'm so glad we get to live near here!

The Leighton Family Tree Farm has been a part of our family Christmas traditions for 12 years. We look forward to coming every year!

Every week-end between Thanksgiving and Christmas the Leighton Tree Farm is bustling. We see many, many cars driving by our house with Christmas trees tied on top. This year, I was relieved that we weren't the only ones getting our tree just days before Christmas. Whew! Anyways, when you arrive at the Tree Farm, you're greeted by acres of trees, a charming cabin, warm bonfire and friendly people. They provide the saws and twine, you come up with your own adventure! Sometimes our excursion lasts a few minutes, sometimes it lasts about an hour. But every year it's different.

One year I cut a tree down and hauled it home tied onto a wagon while I pushed the kids home in a double stroller. Yeah, not much will prevent me from getting my Christmas tree! And that's certainly one tree-getting excursion I will never forget! :)

I hope your tree-getting excursions are filled with fun and memories too! Or, maybe just fun!

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