Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Community bazaar

Oh, the kids and I worked so hard preparing for the little bazaar at our local school. We made cake pops, dipped pretzels, peppermint bark and dipped marshmallows. Deacon made a yummy toffee-cracker crunch and Elena made friendship bracelets and pom poms and I brought some of my "GretaBag" items.

At the end of the bazaar as I'm packing up all of the loot I wonder if it's worth it all... and then as I talk to the kids, their eyes light up, they can't wait for next year, they loved every minute of it!! They're even evaluating plans for next year; what to do differently, what to do the same, etc. Elena and Deacon both walked away with about $20.00 for their piggy banks and I sold a few "GretaBag" items. Oh, as I pull my weary self up, I realize there's no way that I can deny them this opportunity. They really loved it! And they did such a good job setting up our table, visiting with shopppers, keeping track of money and being responsible to manage the table. Hmm, I might even think about branching out into other bazaars next year, but only if I have my kids on my "bazaar-team"! They were amazing!

I guess, I better check out some of the local bazaars to get a feel for how this works... stay tuned.

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