Monday, January 24, 2011

I love a good deal!

I am by no means a coupon expert, in fact, I'm just getting started. Yeah, I'm kinda late in the game, but I'm hoping the wisdom of "better late, than never" applies here. I can't help but feel like I must be missing "THEE awesome coupon website" or "THEE awesome coupon blog"

So, here are the "Deal/Coupon" Websites I have subscribed to, the deals are emailed on a regular basis.

And, I don't have a lot of blogs in my "Coupon" folder on my Google Reader yet, but here's what I have so far... I must be missing THEE best ones, I can just feel it...

Oh, and I'm sure everyone is using this by now, but just incase there are any late bloomers out there (like me) it's called Amazon Mom and it's basically "Amazon Prime", for free. It's the best thing ever! I love the free two-day shipping! It's perfect for when you live in the boonies like I do. Oh, and they said it's for "caregivers" too. You don't have to be a mom to take advantage of this offer; dads, grandparents, aunts, etc. they thought of you too.

As a child from a family of 10 kids, it was a treat to get to go along with my mom and her cousin Julia on one of their all-day rummaging saling trips to Fargo, ND. A couple of kids would get to go each time, we had to take turns - because there was a ton of us! The trip usually involved an appointment with a Medical Specialist of some sort. One time when I got to go, my cousin Reece got his cast removed/replaced... oh, it was something to do with a cast and a broken limb and it was cool. There was usually a crayon-melting incident, you know those cute little boxes of 4 crayons... well, they would melt on the dash or side windowsill of the car, I remember being so sad about losing my crayons to the sun. Now that I'm a parent, I'm can only imagine what Mom and Julia were thinking. Yikes! And we could almost always count on having lunch at the "Royal Fork", because I'm sure it was a really good deal! They had the biggest salad bar ever, oh I can almost taste the sunflower seeds and chopped up boiled eggs, oh and the western dressing, don't forget the western dressing (I'm pretty sure ranch dressing was way too exotic for our taste).  Anyways, we'd come home with a station wagon full of clothes and shoes, spread them all over the living room and have a hay day sorting them all out. It was like Christmas, in the summer, with no wrapping paper but we really had to finish sorting because there really was "hay" to make! Oh, who am I kidding, I was a middle child, I only had to help "unload" the hay wagons, there were plenty of "big kids" around to "make the hay".

So, getting a good deal is in my blood, from having to stretch a dollar out of necessity to having to stretch a dollar out of wisdom. My kids are doomed, with a combination of Aho, Tumberg, Isaacson, and Lundby blood, they will surely have to learn how to find a good deal, or better yet, hopefully it's in their blood. I can testify to the Aho-Tumberg frugality, but I'll have to leave the Isaacson-Lundby frugality for my husband to tell, it really deserves it's own post. I've heard the stories (they're good) and I've seen the evidence (it's good). It's impressive, I tell ya, impressive. If only I had an ounce of "business-sense" like they do... oh, that's right, it's in the blood so, at least my children will have it. I'm comforted.

So, the only "good deal" that I took advantage of today was from it's a $10.00 Papa Murphy's gift card for $5.00. Click here for the deal. I just love a good deal!


  1. Hey Greta! Great blog! I have one too... It is mostly book reviews but talks about homeschooling and couponing as well.

    Thanks for the Amazon giftcard on! I loved that deal :)

    Jessica Manning

  2. Oh, and try and Both sites are great!

  3. Thanks, Jessica! Thanks for the coupon tips as well, I'll add them to my google reader. :) Oh, and wow, I guess you have a blog! It's amazing! Wow!