Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Fantasy Soccer Game" by Deacon Lundby

Turkey Firecrackers Vs. America Bulldogs

Hi, I'm your host Deacon. As soon as we start the game, I'm sure it will be a stunning game. And now, the game will start in 5-4-3-2-1!! The whistle started the game.

Turkey passed it on to another teammate as soon as they were going to shoot, a Bulldog got the ball away from the Firecrackers and they kept on passing the ball and they scored a goal. Half the crowd went wild, the other half started to boo! What an exciting goal! Now, the Firecrackers are trying to out-tire the Bulldogs. They just keep on passing it back and forth. They're tiring out each person one by one and they scored a goal. Half the crowd went wild and the other half started to boo! And now, the Firecrackers scored another goal and half the crowd went wild and the other half started to boo even louder! Then when it was the Bulldogs kickoff and there was one well-rested kickoff person and as soon as he kicked it off, it went zooming into the goal. Then the Firecrackers were kind of freaked out that the kickoff was that powerful!

What an amazing game!
And now, a kickoff for Turkey! They just kick it and it went straight to the goal. It almost went in, but it went off and it hit the goalie straight in the face. It was such a powerful kick that it bounced off his face and went all the way on the Firecrackers territory. And there was one guy over there and he kicked it into the goal. And then half the crowd wild and the other half boo-ed more than ever! And just as soon as the clock ran out the Firecrackers scored a goal, to make the score 3-3. So now it's time for overtime! Turkey won the coin toss and they get to kick off.

The turkeys just kicked it and it hit the post of the goal and it hit the other post of the goal and it bounced off and then America got it and kicked it and it was just right on the line, but it didn't make the goal. Then the goalie picked it up and drop-kicked it and mis-aimed it and it accidentally went behind him and into the crowd. So, then they got out a new soccer ball and they give it back to the goalie that accidentally mis-aimed and then he just kicked it and it bounced off of the goal post into the air and it kept on bouncing from the goal posts and then it finally went to the Bulldogs goalie. He drop-kicked it to the side and his teammates kept passing it back and forth and just as the time was about to run out, a Bulldog scored a goal. Victory! And the Bulldogs got the victory of winning a Soccer Championship!

I'll see you next time on Fantasy Soccer Games! This is Deacon Lundby signing off. Good day and goodnight!

Deacon "Bigfoot" Lundby

*If only you could hear the drama and excitement in his voice as he dictated it to me, he would go from a whisper to a strong, booming voice. Priceless, just priceless.

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