Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minnesota - Michigan Trip - Day 4

We're traveling today, heading up to Michigan for my youngest brother's wedding.

Before we went, Deacon got a big welcome to Minnesota hug from my dad.

Mom and her grandson Hank.

Deacon and Erik being goofy. It's so nice to see their goofy antics again and it's so nice to see Deacon starting to feel much better again.

So happy.
I didn't know they still made Mello Yello. I saw the label and I felt like I was riding on a school bus with my hair in a sideways ponytail. 
And then I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over all of the barns and round bales amongst the soft rolling terrain. Oh, it's so nice to be in the midwest again!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Minnesota Trip - Day 3

A quiet day of visiting in Minnesota...
We spent the morning with my friend Heidi and her adorable family.
Oh, he's just so cute!
The kiddos had such a good time playing!
My friend Heidi and I. I think we met in kindergarten. She's the kind of friend that we can just pick up right where we left off.
We've shared a lot of memories over the years... and I think we just made some more! It's always so much fun to be with Heidi! :)
We made a quick stop at Chet and Dayna's and of course, I needed a little snuggle time with my nephew, Hank.
And then, in the afternoon, we visited with my grandparents.
Before we knew it, Grandma had a wonderful spread of snacks and goodies on the table. It was just like I remembered as a child. She was so quick and I think the wheel chair only helped speed her up.
Her table was always ready for company and there was almost always company at her table. I love that I got to share this with my daughter.
She's still making quilts, here are some of the quilts that she made recently.
Grandpa and Elena, he was catching up on the news.
Elena with Great-Grandma Aho
Late that evening, the boys finally arrived! Yay! We're all together again!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This morning ---Deacon: Daddy can tinfoil go in the microwave? 
Me: No  
Deacon: Oops. Well good thing I opened the door after I saw sparks.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Minnesota Trip - Day 2

A few scenes from today...

 Grandpa and Hank
 Sharpshooter Jack
 Grandma and her homemade Finnish flat bread.
 The milk truck came.
Our northwest cutie with the Northwest milk truck.
 Teeny, tiny puppies
Shelby had 10 puppies. Elena's been keeping close tabs on them, also known as "farming dogs".
Dinner at Pizza Ranch - my parents and just some of my siblings and their families.
Sleeping beauty. :)

Deacon is starting to feel better, he and Erik will fly in tomorrow night. I can't wait for us to all be together again.

Much of my free time over the past month or two has been devoted to making these little beauties.
Oh, I'm getting so anxious for the celebration in which they will be displayed!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Minnesota Trip - Day 1

Ahh, it's so nice to be at my mom and dad's farm.

Here's just a glimpse of our day...
My dad's barn.
Nephews running around in the yard.
I remember doing the same thing when I was about 5.
Big tractors, big dog, big house.
Elena trying to coax the kitty down from the hayloft. "I'll catch you, kitty".
Uncle Chet came to the rescue.
All better.
Time for a milking lesson from Uncle Lukey.
Milking lessons, kittens to hold, saunas to take, family to visit with, cousins to chase, odors to smell... oh, it's so nice to be home.

Saying goodbyes before leaving for the airport. Pay no attention to the fact that I look like I've been crying all day, that may or may not have happened. ;)
It's just Elena and I making the flight to MN. Deacon was just too sick to travel, so he stayed home with Erik. It was so hard to leave him, thus the possible tears ;)... but the boys will join us in a few days and we'll all be together again.
Elena's friend Meaghan and her mom were gracious enough to drive us to the airport in the wee hours of the evening.  Our flight left in the wee hours of the morning.
Elena is such a delightful traveler. She has been so excited (maybe even a bit hyper) about the whole experience. She did such a great job of navigating the airports, checking our flights and making sure we made it to the gate on time. She's a great traveling partner!
She kept us on task, encouraging me not to dilly-dally, but after carefully checking the clock, we decided there was time for her to do some tangrams on the huge screen! A definite MSP highlight for her!
My sister Dayna met us at the airport in Fargo, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at IHOP and now we're relaxing at the farm in Minnesota! Yay!

And we're anxiously waiting for Erik and Deacon to join us!