Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ducky rumors...

So, if you hear any rumors of someone climbing through 3 feet of snow in their snow boots and pajamas, well I'm not sure I would believe them... or at least I'd contemplate whether someone would really do such a thing...
With a power outage and 18 more inches of snow greeting us this morning, well it's possible that someone may have panicked about not hearing the soothing sound of honking ducks first thing in the morning. And "someone", while still in pajamas may have quickly grabbed snow boots and hurdled through 100 feet of snow, three feet high... relieved at the sight of ducks (still moving), then hollered to their spouse who's waiting at the front door to hear news of whether they had survived their first serious snow dumping. Well, "someone" may have dug a path through 3 feet of snow with bare hands for them to be able to climb up and out of the pond while trying desperately to coax them off the pond. Oh mercy. And there may have even been tears, but there's no proof.
Once again, I'm not sure if I'd believe it or not, but what I do know for sure is that these duckies have caused a lot of drama today. But they actually seem to be fine, they're swimming around in the slush not a bit anxious to get off the pond. In fact, we haven't seen them leave the pond at all. We keep clearing a path for them and bringing them food, lots and lots of food well, because it makes us me feel better. But on one of my visits down to the pond I noticed some fresh ducky droppings in the snow. Never in my life have I been happier to see such a sight!
Obviously, we're rookie "duck farmers" but after today I'm not even sure I could even classify them as farm animals, I think we share a last name! I even wanted to bring them in the house for the night, but they refused my offer. They won't even leave the pond. Oh mercy!

Overheard late in the day: "The ducks are out of the pond!" "Yay! Yippee!!" There were lots of loud cheers!
Oh, and the temperatures are climbing, logic says that the ducks should be fine. Of course, I'll, I mean "we'll" be anxious to see how they're doing tomorrow morning.

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