Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The kids were so excited to have a snow day today! Elena asked me, "when is it too early to go out and play in the snow?" She was up and out the door early. Deacon made an attempt to get ready but, he has spent his snow day curled up on the couch with a tummy ache. :(

With Deacon all settled, I took a few minutes to go outside with Elena to watch her play, shovel a little snow and capture a few moments.
Here's what I saw. My little girl romping in the snow.
Our neighbor's adorable little barn. And yes, it has been snowing like this all day. We've probably got about 18 inches and we might have another 12 inches (or more) on the way!
This is our flowering plum tree, a bit weighed down by all of the snow.
And I found our web-footed critters having a snack in the back yard.
These girls almost blend into the snow.
And this little guy is "swimming" his way to the well-worn duckie path.

I forgot how fun the ducks are to watch in the snow. They really look like they are swimming in the snow, and they're so graceful... until they start honking.

There's my brief tour of our winter wonderland. I'm back in the house all snuggled up with seltzer water and saltines hoping the tummy bug doesn't migrate.

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