Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have so much!

I have so much to be thankful for. Here are just a few things:

I have a loving husband. And I'm so glad he picked me!
I have a funny husband, shh... don't tell him, it'll just go to his head. ;)
I have a kind husband. It's best if he doesn't know about stray animals, one look and he's sunk.
I have a husband who works hard, very hard. And he's smart too, boy is he smart! He picked me remember? ;) 
I have a roof over my head. It doesn't leak. I like that.
I have food in the cupboards. Yum.
I have two precious children. I miss them when they're at school.
I have one adorable red-headed little girl. She's amazing. She's never met a stranger.
I have one handsome blonde little boy. He's amazing. He's always makes me smile.
I have great parents, they're in Minnesota, I wish we were closer.
I have great in-laws, they're in Minnesota too, I'm glad I'll get to see them soon.
I have a whole bunch of siblings. (They're great too.) They're in MN, MI, WA and OR. Not close enough.
I have two neices and I have a whole bunch of nephews.
I have friends.
I have great friends.
I have great neighbors.
I have great neighbors who are great friends.
I have an awesome ginormous extended family.
I have two grandparents who are still living, they're unbelivable, they belong in my "hero" category.
I have an awesome stash of fabric waiting for my "sewer's block" to go away. Uh, ahem... think "writer's block" for sewing, not plumbing. :)
I have a huge pile of pretty magazines to look at.
I have a great Church family.
I have heroes that live in my community. You know, people that I want to be like when I grow up. You should meet them, they're amazing.
I have a dvr with all sorts of decorating and reality shows just waiting on lil' ole me.
I have a really soft bed. I like it.
I have a yard that has a flat space that's big enough to play volleyball. (This feature was high on my wish list when we were shopping for a home, flat yards are hard to come by in the Pacific Northwest. A flat yard is very comforting for this flat-land-Midwestern-girl.)
I have bunch of pretty blogs in my google reader just waiting for me to drool over.
I have a bunch of pretty things like old crates, quilts, gameboards and enamelware to look at.
I have a bunch of old things.
I have a bunch of pretty projects that I'll do "someday". Not today, but someday.
I have a house that loves to be re-modeled. I mean thank goodness, right?
I have a blog where I can write whatever I want, whenever I want and somehow that gives me joy.
I have a rascally mutt of a dog who redeems himself with his adorable underbite of a grin.
I have 3 waddling ducks who remind me to wash my sidewalk.
I have a cat, we'll just leave it at that.
I still have a bit of a Minnesotan accent, so I'm told. "How the heck are ya, anyways?" :)
I have Minnesota, and it has me.
I have a drawer full of cupcake papers, they're nice, they always make room for more. Same with the cupboard full of sprinkles, they're very welcoming.
I have boxes full of photographs waiting (patiently) to be organized.
I have a riding lawn mower, is it summer yet? I could really go for a ride.
I have a bathtub to soak in and did I mention the magazines?
I have a garage to store all the junk that I love and all of the "someday" projects.
I have a house for my kids to grow up in.
I have a community that I love so much that I hope I'll never leave. I'm planted here.
I have a party shed so I can invite my neighbors over. I like that.
I have a yard that will keep me busy for years, once I acknowledge that it exists, that is. 
I have 4 quilts waiting (very patiently) to be finished.
I have dinner in the crockpot.
I have so much.
I have love.
I have laughter.
I have joy.
I have hope.
I have Jesus.
I have peace.

Life isn't always super dreamy and that's okay. Sometimes it just feels good to focus on the good things, the pretty things, the odd things and the happy things.   (We've been sick a lot this winter, the man and the boy have been knocked down a couple times, but me and the girl... it seems like we have caught everything, it's been a long winter, thank goodness spring is just around the corner, for us in the Northwest anyways... hang in there Minnesota!)


  1. oh greta! your blog is great - all the posts are wonderful ... but i love this one the mostest. :) what a great list; i think you covered everything - the big things & the little things. thanks for the nudge to focus on the positives.
    i look forward to future posts.

  2. Thanks, Hannah! I'm having a lot of fun blogging, it's just what I needed... another creative outlet! :)