Monday, July 18, 2011

The Latest Additions to our Ducky Family!

In a previous ducky post, I mentioned that we may have more ducks on the way... well, here they are!

Meet May and Fay
 Erik brought them home the other day.
And he surprised the kids. They were delighted!
May and Fay, also known as "the girls".  They look pretty similar, but May, well she has some moves, she does this cool head bobbing thing that's sure to make her stand out in a crowd.
Within a minute of their arrival, "the guys" were very happy to have girls in the yard again. Elena exclaimed, "guys, you just met!" followed by "if they were people, they'd probably be in jail!"
As we watched "the guys" follow "the girls" around, Erik mentioned; "I guess, these guys haven't had a girl to follow around for awhile." Without missing a beat, Deacon said, "yeah, I think they like the view!"
Oh, they are just so pretty.

And they ruffle their feathers a bit, leaving pretty little snowy white feathers all over the yard.
 We have two Pekin cuties.
And two sleeping beauties.

We received these two girls from our friends who live in Hood River. This isn't their first relocation; on previous attempts, the girls made their way back home. We hope they'll choose to stay with us, they certainly add a lot of charm and beauty to our little Ducky Family!

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