Friday, April 8, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the four of us hopped in the car and went for a Saturday drive.
We drove through the gorge, heading east.
 Even on a rainy day, it's so pretty here!
We made plans to meet some very important people along the way.
We arrived at our destination and Deacon planned a sneak attack on our very important people.
Erik and Elena ran down to meet them and I held back to capture Deacon's "attack".
Surprise! We met Erik's parents! They were enroute to our house from Minnesota.

We used our Fort Vancouver Library pass to get in to MaryHill Museum for free!

 We looked at chess sets. This was Deacon's favorite thing at the museum.
 We thoroughly enjoyed all of the art and historical artifacts.
We looked at busts. These were my favorite, they're so white and so serene.
And we had a few laughs too.
We watched the peacocks and peahens. This was Elena's favorite thing at the museum.

We admired the scenery.

Deacon was fascinated by the peacocks.

We had a grand time at the Maryhill Museum of Art!

And we've been having a grand time with two very important people, Grandma and Grandpa Lundby!

Thanks for stopping by the Lundby Hive!

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