Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Wreath

A fun, easy project to add a little cheer to your house this spring.
 Pretty cute, right? And they are so easy!
Just grab your glue gun, a wreath form ($1.00 at the Dollar Tree) and a couple of packages of Easter eggs (1.99/bag at Wal-mart) and have fun!
I love this kind of crafting; no measuring, no patterns, and no rules! Just pure fun!
It's an easy craft, even the kids can do it!
(Well maybe not all kids, but kids 8 and 10 can do it with no problems. We used low-temp glue guns and we kept a bowl filled with ice water nearby.) 
 We made a grouping of three small wreaths.
 Elena made this one for the front door.
 Deacon made this one with some of his favorite colors.
And this one is hanging in our dining room, I just love it!

It was such a fun and easy project! They are just so happy and cheerful, especially on the dreary rainy days we've been having this spring. But of course, what I like most is that I got to make them with my kids!

Happy Easter from the Lundby Hive!