Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Branches, branches and more branches...

Many trips walking across the yard while dragging branches, many trips with the lawn mower and wagon, many trips with our neighbors pick-up truck and several swoops with our neighbor's tractor have all led to this monstrosity sitting in our front yard. We burned a lot of the branches and now we're waiting for the local Conservation District to come and chip the rest of it up.
Here's more residue from the timber project, day one and day two.
We got most of the branches cleaned up, but we still have a few random huge chunks of tree lying around, some might call them logs. :) 

The other day, Elena came running into the house and said, "Mommy, Deacon's on top of the pile of branches!" I shuddered... probably muttered an "oh mercy", took a reluctant look and then I grabbed the camera as this would be the one and only time such an act was committed.
And then of course, she wanted to climb it too...
And climb she did.
The kids spent many hours helping us make this pile, so it seemed fitting that they wanted to conquer it!

Our pile of branches has grown since we took these pictures. We had branches from three 30+ year old evergreens and then we added branches from three 10+ year old evergreens, a handful of birch trees and various branches that our neighbor has added. The pile is huge!

So, now you know what the neighbors see when they drive by, and yep we'll put another call in tomorrow to see when they are coming to remove the pile. :)

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