Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timber! Day One!

The creative juices are flowing as the "remodeling addiction" has once again surfaced at the Lundby Hive. To keep those juices flowing, we have to re-arrange the backyard a bit.

And these two trunks from a cluster of cedar trees needed to come down.
They used to be in the middle of these two huge trees.
Erik's sizing up the next trunk, which way is it leaning, which one should come down next, etc.
Erik and Zack pulling on the rope that's tied to the tree. I have to admit, I got in on the action on pulling one of the trunks down, and it was pretty fun!
Our ever reliable-good-neighbor Rick came over and helped out too.
And crash! That's the end of that tree! Well, except for all of the branches that need to be cleaned up!

The kids and I made many trips with the lawn mower that day, bringing branches to the front yard. One of us even perfected the act of "reading and driving the lawn mower" at the same time. No photo evidence, just an image engrained in my brain forever!

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