Friday, March 11, 2011

Party plans...

I'm getting ready for another party. Yay! We're having a "Welcome Home Party" for our friends and their little princess who came home from Ethiopia a couple of months ago. I'm so excited for the party! I've been taking pictures of some of the prep work and I'm anxious to show you, but I'm trying to reserve the first look for the guests of honor. For this party, I got to learn two new techniques and that makes me so happy. I gained one new "food skill' and one new "party decor skill". I really don't think of myself as a "learner", but I get really excited when I get to learn a new skill! Both of the "new skills" are quite simple which works out well because that's what the mother of the guest of honor requested, a simple party with family and friends for their beautiful little princess. Her wish is my command. :)

Speaking of the little princess, she was able to come home as an infant, but there are significant changes taking place in Ethiopia that could delay placement of adopted children for years, which would leave them living in institutions for years instead of months. Check out my friend Angela's blog for more information and what you can do to help. It takes a minute to sign the petition. 1 minute to help the children. Please. Help.

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