Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Urho's Dinner

We decided to have a special dinner in honor of St. Urho's Day

We had a salad; green spinach, cucumbers and purple grapes.
No Finnish flatbread to be found, so this sourdough and rustic french bread, did their best to fill in the gap.
Elena prepping potatoes for the Makkara Mojakka. She really doesn't do very many things without a book nearby.
The final product.
Elena loved the soup mojakka. And so did I. Felt like Minnesota in a bowl.
Deacon helped me make a Rhubarb Crunch for dessert. Click here for the recipe.
Oh my goodness, the whole house smelled so good! Mmm! And thank you kind man, who showed up at the church last summer and asked if anyone wanted a big bag of rhubarb! Um, me! 
Deacon loved the rhubarb crunch! Elena liked the crunch, she could do without the rhubarb.
Deacon only ate one bowl of the mojakka. Elena had three.

A couple more scenes from our dinner...

"Where did all the grasshoppers go anyways?"
An 8 year old boy's interpretation of wearing green and purple. Ahh, life with boys!

We had such a fun dinner! St. Urho was a good excuse to get the kids involved with making dinner. And it was really nice to sit down with my family and share a typical meal (except for the spinach salad) that I had growing up. 

Culture, that sounds elegant... I guess I shared a bit of "Finnish culture" with my kids. My kids are growing up so different than I did, so I was thrilled to eat Finnish food with them. 

Thank you St. Urho for a fun evening with my family!

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