Monday, March 14, 2011

Pom poms

I've been seeing these pom poms all over the entertaining blogs I follow. I think they look so cool and add so much drama and happiness. I was super anxious to figure out how to make them, so of course, I turned to Martha. I found it interesting to know that this is Martha Stewart's most searched for craft on her website. Click here to see her instructions.

Truth is, I probably made them or something very similar, as a child in elementary school, that's how easy they are.
If you want to make them, pick up a pack of tissue paper (8-9) sheets, fold the whole stack accordion style. Twist some floral wire around the middle to make a handle. Trim off the edges of the tissue paper. Separate the tissue paper and fluff it up. Hang with fishing line. And that's it, you end up with a beautiful pom pom!

I love these! And I love that I have another "entertaining skill", (if I can call it a skill) up my sleeve. Oh just wait til you see the photos from the party, it was so fun to have a bright punch of color in that old church fellowship hall. I'm waiting with you, I haven't even glanced at the photos yet, I know they'll be cool, there's a gazillion of them... there's bound to be a few that turned out.

Oh, I could plan parties all day long, day after day... except someone would need to come clean my house, feed my kids, feed the pets, take out the garbage, make sure my kids got to school, remind me that nights are for sleeping, never mind taking care of me or my husband. So, instead of hiring someone else to do everything else I (somewhat) do... I'll keep on living my glamorous life of home keeping and start dreaming about the next party...

Speaking of my husband, he's bringing cake pops to work with him today, I love when he thinks I do something cool!

So, I'm dreaming of tea parties... and I'm pretty sure cake pops and pom poms will be included...

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