Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Condit Dam

After a lovely Mother's Day breakfast at church, we took a nap and then we headed into the great outdoors. We were in the mood for exploring territory that we haven't seen before so, we went to see the Condit Dam on the White Salmon River.

There's our fearless leader.
Our eager followers.
One of our cautious followers.
Ahh, so peaceful.
Walking on the wooden tube-thingy that's filled with water that's on it's way to the Power station.
Taking in the view.
We tried another of those "squish together, stretch out your arm photo sessions".
Sometimes it worked...
and sometimes it didn't. Sorry kids.
Well, this one I cropped because the kids were so far gone anyways. :)
Just us.
And more of just us.
We walked along these planks for awhile.
We climbed down this ladder.
Here's what we saw.
Here's our fearless leader again.
And a daydreaming follower.
He walked on the ledge, stuck the camera out and snapped a couple of photos.
Looking downstream from the dam.
Looking up at the dam.
Then we climbed back up the ladder.
And looked at the dam again.
We walked down the planks on the round water tube-thingy some more.
And got a better view of the dam.
We walked some more.
And then we turned around.
And went back towards the dam.
Thought we'd snap another pic of these two fearless followers.
And a pic of how industrial it is, I think it's pretty cool.
Taking one last look. The dam will eventually be removed, the process will begin in the next year or two.
We stopped for a few minutes at Northwestern Lake, the lake that's created by the dam.
This lake will be no more, they plan to cut a hole in the dam and drain the lake. We were glad to see it before it goes.
 We had a lovely time, just the four us... well, most of the four of us...
...there, much better, now all of the four of us, had a lovely time. :)


  1. Pretty Cool. The wooden pipe thingy is called a flume(FYI) I have been there many times and each time it is just a wonderment! You had a some pretty great fearless people in your group :) thanks for sharing it !!

  2. Thank you! And thank you for the info, I feel much better knowing what it's called. I would feel even a little better if I knew who I was thanking. ;) Please sign your name next time. :)