Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunny in Seattle

Last week-end Erik and I went to Seattle for a work-related conference.


As part of the conference, we ate lunch on a "Duck" as we enjoyed a little tour of Seattle.
It was a fun little ride... we saw some cool boats in the water.
 We saw some cool things on land. 
It was a good thing we had just seen the Space Needle, because when we got back to the conference, we had a little "team-building exercise" and for our first task we had to build a tower. So, with a limited amount of legos and time, we whipped up a little Space Needle of our own, complete with random street art, a tree and a stoplight.
Here's our team, working on our next task, building the tallest tower we could build..
 At 69 1/2" tall. We won! Yeah! Nothing like a little competitve lego building to build team spirit!
 Here's the whole group at the Conference.
We had about a hour and a half of free time on Saturday and since it was sunny in Seattle, (yeah I know, it was sunny!!) we headed towards Pike's Place and I snapped a few photos.
Some stranger stepped in and saved the day (we tried a stretch your arm out photo and well, let's just day it didn't work) and took our picture.
 Some random buildings that I admired.

 On Sunday morning we met up with my cousin Eno for brunch and she gave us a little tour of "her" monorail.
We got a tour of the facility and she noticed something that was a little loose, so she tinkered and got it all fixed up. 
And then we rode on Eno's monorail. ;) Thanks for the tour Eno, we really enjoyed it and as always, it was great to see you!

We had a nice time in Seattle. The conference was good and it gave us an excuse to get away just the two of us. However, we're looking forward to going back and exploring Seattle, just the four of us... and we hope to see Eno too. :)

Thanks to Catherine and Liz for keeping our kiddos. They said they had a good time! I asked Deacon what it was like having mommy and daddy gone and his reply was, "I hardly noticed." After I laughed, I was relieved by his response, I'm glad it wasn't too hard for him and I'm glad that he felt comfortable with the Greens. I'm so thankful for good friends!

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