Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

Today is "100th Day" at school! My kids both signed up to bring a dozen cupcakes for their 100th day of school.

So it was time to do some baking...

It was Deacon's first time using the hand-mixer, but you would have never known it, he was a pro!

We decided to make them heart-shaped by putting a glass marble between the cupcake paper and the cupcake tin. 
(I think I saw this in a Family Fun Magazine many years ago.)
 Just like this.
We could only find a few glass marbles, so we rolled up aluminum foil in balls to use in place of the marbles.

 And here's the final product.


I found a tube of gel frosting and I quickly scribbled "100" on the cupcakes to send to school. The kids liked it, so I liked it. Happy 100th Day!

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  1. You are soooo creative and patient! What a great mom!