Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bees...

As we add more to our blog, I find myself adding more to our "description box" located on the upper right hand side of the blog.

It has been a collective effort, and it is still evolving. But as of today, here's the extended edition of the definition of "the LundbyHive".

We're a family of four living in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.
  • Two of us have a bit of a remodeling addiction.
  • Two of us really love books.
  • One of us loves pretty magazines.
  • Four of us are dreamers.
  • Two of us are planners.
  • Two of us love to sew.
  • Three of us love crafts.
  • Two of us love video games.
  • One of us likes video games.
  • Four of us love cucumbers.
  • Four of us are creative.
  • One of us loves Nerf products.
  • One of us loves horses.
  • Four of us love Thai food.
  • Two of us take the garbage out.
  • Four of us love waterfalls.
  • Three of us frequent the library.
  • Four of us love to entertain.
  • One of us loves to cook.
  • Three of us would prefer to bake.
  • Four of us love RV camping.
  • Four of us love traveling.
  • Two of us play soccer.
  • Four of us love a good deal.
  • Three of us like Top Ramen.
  • Two of us have never met a stranger.
  • Four of us like to start projects.
  • Two of us like to ride scooters.
  • Three of us have a very quick wit.
  • Two of us devour new technology.
  • Two of us love to "junk".
  • Four of us seek peace.
  • Four of us love Jesus.
And all four of us are going to document the celebration of our life as we know it, life with the Lundby's.

Have you ever tried to define your family? This was pretty fun, but it took us awhile.
A couple of weeks ago I asked the kids to help add more to the definition of "the Lundby's". Elena wasn't so sure and um... Deacon said, "unnecessary" with a mischevious look on his face. He loves getting a laugh and he's very successful at it.

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