Saturday, February 5, 2011

I found it!

I've been searching forever (probably more like 8-10 months) for a metal spatula that has a straight edge on the end. Not the stupid curved edge, but the straight edged one, just like my mom has. A straight edge so you can scrape up all the bits on the griddle. And I finally found one! Actually, I found three. I guess I was a little afraid if I didn't buy it now, that I wouldn't be able to find them again. And there was a coupon, buy 2 get one free, and yeah, they saw me coming from a mile away.
Stupid one

Beautiful one

Sucker! :)

Just in case anyone else is looking for one of these, I looked online for the exact one that I purchased and wasn't able to find it. Here's the closest thing that I found on Today's price on it is $11.82. Ahem, I paid $8.00 for three of them. And, apparently they're called "stainless steel turners", who knew?

Speaking of spatulas, my sweet little man really wanted an Indiana Jones satchel for his birthday last year. I'm nice, so I got it for him. I came across it last week when we were cleaning his room and I set it aside thinking that (someday) I could make him some sort of manly, sturdier satchel-type of bag, something better than this wimpy little thing. Anyways, at his birthday party, he was gathering up all of his loot and he said something like, "Hey, where's my spatula? It has all of my darts in it." We roared. It happened several more times, unintentionally and we still roared. My 8 year old little man was thrilled with his new "spatula"!

Here's my little man (and his favorite pose).

Deacon and his friend Noah at their birthday party last year.

And here's the photo of the satchel. Trust me, the picture from makes it look more sturdy than it is. The strap is connected with velcro. Lame. And it's practically plastic. Nevertheless, my boy loved his new spatula! :)

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