Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sewing with one of my heroes...

After the Christmas Bazaar, I felt it was time for Elena to have her own sewing machine. She was sewing, I was sewing, we were doing a little "sewing dance" around one machine. "You sew this, then I'll sew this and then we'll switch the color of thread and then you sew this," over and over again. It was fun, but it wasn't real efficient. And I have to admit that I found myself getting a little possessive of my machine (yep, I felt like an ogre of a mother at the same time, but what can I say, I can multi-task) and then the light bulb went on! I realized sewing was something that both of us love to do, uh duh! Get her a machine so we can sew together!  

I shopped around for awhile for a sturdy, affordable, functional, kid-sized and kid-friendly sewing machine. It took a few weeks and had no luck. Christmas shipping deadlines were coming and I had to decide. I looked one more time and right there on http://www.sears.com/  there was a light blue Kenmore 3/4 Size sewing machine. The reviews looked good. And then I saw the price, it was 50% off, now marked down to $50.00. I couldn't pass it up! Merry Christmas Elena! 
She was thrilled! And I was thrilled! So happy to share my love of creating with my daughter and so happy that we can do it together on our own machines! Oh the things we will sew...

Well, uh... actually, we haven't really sewn in 2011. It's been a pretty sick year so far for both of us girls, (more so for the little one) but when we get around to sewing we'll be sure to make up for lost time!

Last week Elena brought her sewing machine to the Crafty Ladies Club at church. She showed the ladies her machine and thankfully one of my "heroes" (you know, people I want to be like when I grow up), well she walked Elena through everything with her machine. She showed her how to insert the new kind of bobbin, tinkered with the settings and got Elena trying it out on scrap pieces of fabric, the stitch wasn't quite right, so she tinkered some more and got Elena sewing again. It was so fun to watch. I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the moment.

I have to admit, my enjoyment was partly relief that Pat took care of something that I hadn't gotten around to and the other part was pure joy as I watched my 10 year old little girl learn about her new sewing machine from someone who has been sewing for many, many decades. It was priceless. 

I'm so thankful for Pat, she's amazing! She's been a babysitter, a friend, a comforter, a teacher, an adopted Grandma to my kids, she's always willing to help anyone out, she works so hard, loves without reservations and always has an extra hug to give, and the list goes on and on. I really want to be like her when I grow up. I just adore her and her cute little husband.
Chuck and Pat, they are in my "hero category". They're amazing, I love them! 
Pat and Chuck celebrating 60 years of marriage in 2009
(Note: you always want to position yourself next to her husband Chuck when there's group singing... the man can sing! I have been brought to tears by his singing more than once.)

Back to the sewing machine, it seems to work well. The downside, well there isn't a speed control (and my girlie has a lead foot when it comes to sewing) and there isn't a handle to carry it. So, we resolved the "carrying situation" and picked up this cute bag with lots of pockets for all kinds of sewing stuff at HomeGoods. And about the "speed thing" well, I guess it's never too early to learn how to let up on the gas a little...
Click here to read what Elena said about her new sewing bag.

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