Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentine's Date!

We started our night here.
We watched this. Click here for more info.
He loved it. I loved that he loved it. I'd go see it again because I might get more out of it next time. Actually, I'd go see it again to see it with him, because he loved it so much and I love him so much and when I wasn't confused, I really was entertained.

We asked a stranger to snap our photo in the lobby.
 We asked him to take one more, for good measure.
Then we went here.

We shared this. It was amazing! Lemongrass clam chowder, YUMMY!
 We ordered this.
 I ate this. I loved it.
 He ate this. He loved it. I loved that he loved it, but I was kinda glad we weren't sharing.
 Then we asked the waitress to snap our picture.
 And one more, for good measure. The first one was better.
 And then we went to meet him.
 I have a new nephew.
 I like him.
Oooh, I really like him!
(I don't really know what that look means, but I'm gonna go with "I really like him!") Ha ha!
 He's my sister, Nora's son. I like her too.
 His name is Hank Edward Bergman.
 I loved holding him.
He's so precious.
He's trying to wake up.
He's awake.
He looks like he's thinking about something.
 Okay, Auntie I've had enough..
But he's so cute and so tiny, I can't stand it!
He often looks like he is smiling.
He's only 6 hours old.
Sleepy little boy.
He's so sweet.
 And he held him too. I like that.
Thank you honey, for a lovely Valentine's Date!

Newborn baby, yummy Thai food, a somewhat funny play and my really funny and sweet honey... what more could I ask for?


  1. Hey Greta, Awesome blog post. Super clever and funny. The only potential problem I see is that Devonna might be jealous... so, thanks for going on your Valentines date before Valentines day, it gives me more time. I especially liked: "I loved that he loved it, but I was kinda glad we weren't sharing." Personally, I would have gone for the seafood too. Oh, and you guys look really good. Younger even. You guys must still be doing that exercise program. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved that you both loved it. I wish we could go and do the same. Looks like a fun evening and date. I would like to see the play.