Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pray for my pumpkin...

Could you, would you... pray for my pumpkin?

She tried to smile. I told her she didn't need to.
She was relieved. She feels more like this.
Even Remington is trying to comfort her.
This has been her position most of the day. Moving from couch to couch, with a stack of books nearby.
My sweet little pumpkin is sick. Again.
We've started a routine of medicine. Doctor's suspect allergies.

She has a cold. Her brother has it too, he bounces back quicker.

Her immune system is weak, due to allergies. She doesn't sleep well. She misses a lot of school.

Antibiotics should kick in soon. Hopefully the cold doesn't hang around long. The allergy medicine regiment can take awhile before we see results. Hopefully no breathe right strips in two weeks, could be up to 6 weeks before we see a noticeable change in her health.

So, could you, would you... pray for my pumpkin?


  1. So sorry that your sweet girl is sick!! Will Pray for a very speedy recovery. May God bless your family and give you His peace and Commfort!!