Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Gingerbread House

My friend Liz and I had a handful of leftover gingerbread house kits, so we thought we'd decorate them for Valentine's Day!

Take a look at our fun!
 My super crafty friend, Liz and her daughter Meaghan joined us in our crafty chaos.
This was the best thing ever! We put the frosting in squeeze tubes! I picked mine up at Joann Fabric in the Valentine section. If you want to find them online, here's a link to the Wilton store. Super easy and super cheap!
 The kids were able to put the frosting on by themselves! It was so much easier than piping bags!
* Tip: If the bottle started to get too empty they were hard to squeeze, so we kept them pretty full. We also cut a bigger hole in the tip to allow more frosting out at a time.
Deacon had fun playing "destructo" with his house. Notice the bullet holes. 
His roof needed a few repairs from the bullet damage.
Look Mom! He used one of your homemade lollipops on the house. A little angel guarding the door. :)
Here's one of the houses that Elena decorated.
My super crafty friend Liz made this one.

Truth be told, I bought a bunch of gingerbread houses after the Christmas of 2009. I kept them stored in a dry place and they held up well. We made a few around Christmas 2010, but I still have some leftover and I refuse to store them another year! So rather than toss them, we thought we'd decorate them with a bunch of Valentine candy! It was a lot of fun, very relaxing and a great activity to do with the kids!

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