Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coffee cupcakes...

I got to make a few goodies yesterday!

Well... I don't actually know how to make just a "few" goodies. 
I think it stems from being a part of a family of 12, I just can't help it...

The beige cupcakes I made are coffee flavored. I've made them before using a "white" cake mix and they were a huge hit!
This time I tried this French vanilla cake mix and put two packets of Starbucks instant coffee right into the cake mix and then I baked it as normal.  I love these little packets from Starbucks, they come 3 in a package. I mixed the other packet into two, yep two (it takes a lot of frosting to make the pretty swirl) containers of store bought vanilla frosting to make a really yummy coffee flavored frosting, it's the best! I think I could just eat the frosting by itself.

I made these goodies for a pink and brown birthday party for an adorable little princess who is turning 1 today. Happy birthday, princess!

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