Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Girls!

The other day, a few of my girlfriends came over to visit. And these two little beauties stole the show (and my heart)!

I completely adore both of them...
... and their mommies!  All four of them are completely precious! 
Cheri with Magdalyn and Angela with Isabella
 * Both of the girls have been adopted from Ethiopia. Magdalyn came home in July and Isabella came home in January. They are from the same orphanage in Ethiopia and now they live (just around the corner from me) with only a field separating them. God is good. Adoption rocks!

We tried to get a photo of Magdalyn and Isabella together, just the two of them... and well, here's what happened.
Oh, sweetness...

And then our friend Pat stopped by and got her first peek at Isabella.
Love this!
And how cute this is! Oh my goodness.

I'm surrounded by beautiful little girls, beautiful ladies, beautiful mommies, and beautiful friends.

And I love it!

I am so blessed!

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