Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party 2011

On Sunday, we had a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl. It was such a great day. We ate lots, visited lots, and most importantly, we laughed a lot! Oh yeah, and some of us actually watched the game. I guess it was a good game, I heard cheering and laughter, that's always a good sign. Right?

I didn't take half as many photos as I had planned. But here are a few photos so you can get a glimpse of "Super Bowl Sunday" at the Lundby's.

My honey prepping "hot wings"

My little man spreading the manly tablecloth across the island.
I asked Deacon if he was getting excited about the party, and he said, "yes, and I'm also a little nervous". Oh, he's so sweet. It was one of my favorite moments.
Another tablecloth draped across the dining table.
I have a bunch of those huge, football shaped bowls, I've gotten most of mine at the Dollar Tree. They work great for chips, hot dog buns, a ton of chopped up celery to go with the hot wings, etc. (Yeah, these are things that I forgot to photograph.)

They go great with the football field tablecloths. I have been using these tablecloths for football parties since my husband's 30th birthday party. I picked up green grass colored fabric at Wal-mart, (about 6 years ago, back when it was $1.00 a yard) and then my super creative sister Rita taped on strips of white duct tape to make the yard lines. After each use, I wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. I think I've only replaced the duct tape on one of the tablecloths, the other two have survived multiple washings.

Since the Super Bowl and Valentines Day are so close together, I figured I'd bring out a few valentine items too.
Elena setting up the dessert station.
I love sharing this experience with my children. I love that they are learning how to set up a "dessert station". I love that they say things like, "mommy, I can see your hand is shaking, the picture will be blurry, how about if I take the picture?" Priceless.

Heart lollipops that we made. Click here to see how.

And there's my most beautiful red, heart-shaped baking dish filled with conversation hearts. (Thanks for the idea, Kara!) Click here to read the saga of this dish.
Oh, and I think I spent $2.00 on two bags of pink, heart-shaped marshmallows at Wal-mart and they add so much color. Cheap is good for something like this, who cares if you eat them, you can toss them out after the holiday, but in the meantime, I think they look so pretty. And I like looking at pretty things. And sometimes "cheapness" does enhance the beauty.

We wanted to make the party a little more interesting, so my husband came up with a little game.
Before the game started, players had to write down two things.
1. Which team they thought would be ahead at the end of each quarter.
2. The total points of the game at the end of each quarter.
So there was a prize given out at the end of each quarter. It was a lot of fun. We had a collection of prizes, I had been collecting football items and a few kitchen items for awhile.

Dev won the first quarter prize. He chose a "sugar-shaker".

I got too caught up talking and laughing and eating... and I neglected to get photos of the winners of the other quarters, so I'll see if I can find another photo of him, yep him! One person won all three of the other quarters. He won a football, a football lunch box and a nerf football.

Kaiden, the little cutie-pie on the left. He was the big winner!
Here are a few more random photos from Super Bowl Sunday with the Lundby's.

We even did a bit of crafting at the party. I'm getting a bit long-winded here, so I'll tell you more about the crafts in another post... click here to see how to make the pipe cleaner roses.

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