Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parties, parties and more parties...

It looks like I'm in the middle of a busy party season... and, I love it! I'd plan parties everyday if I could!

Here's what I've got going on...

 1. I get to make mini-cupcakes and some treats for my little neighbor for her "1st Birthday Party". I like to think of her as my "adopted niece". She is adopted, however, not technically my niece, but I love her like she is!

2. A couple of my friends and I are working on plans for a "Welcome Home Party" for another little pumpkin who has been adopted from Ethiopia. I love her! I think she's my niece too... little do the momma's know!

*My mother-in-law is coming for a visit and she will help with the following two parties. 
She'll be fine with it, she loves to entertain just as much as I do. 
I've learned a lot from her, and it will be fun to do this with her.
 3. Party number 3 is for my little girl. She's going to invite her friends over for a "Dolly and Me Tea Party".  Oh, it's going to be so fun! We've been collecting tea cups and some fun, tea party hats at thrift stores. She's so excited!

4. Since, I'm going to go through all of the work of having a "Girls Tea Party", I decided to also have a "Ladies Tea Party" for some of my lovely lady friends and their little ones. It's kinda like a two-for-one deal. I'll get the kinks worked out on the first one and then the second one should be a piece of cake!

Deacon Egg Hunt 2008
Elena Egg Hunt 2009
5. And then after that, it will be time to plan the "Community Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck Brunch" at my Church. I'm actually already formulating things in my head, just not going to put much energy into it yet.

I love to entertain. I love to learn new "entertaining skills"! I love to read the entertaining blogs. I love to find simple ways to make things pretty. I think it matters. I think God cares about the details. I think God has created so much beauty around us. I think God is honored and glorified when we present beauty to Him and others. I think God is in the details. I think love is in the details. I think God is love...

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