Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get the boy a chess set!

So, my boy checked out a big book at the library.
He showed it to me. He said he chose it partly because there were pages on "chess" and "hold on, let me find it (as he ruffles through the pages), there were pictures of tanks and army things..."
He wants to teach me how to play chess.
 He showed me the different pieces.
He is completely fascinated with the game.
He showed me which way I could move the pieces.
He has even positioned the book upside down so that I could see it better. "There's the one with the castle on top and then there's the one with the cross-thingy..." 
He said he's played it before on the computer.
I grabbed the camera and the chess lesson continued.
He wanted to show his sister how to play. She's sick, she's not interested.
I wish his Daddy was home. "Oh, maybe daddy and me could play it together on the computer!"
Um, do you suppose I should get the boy a chess set?
He's so cute, I think I'll get him 5 or 6!

I was so fascinated at his enthusiasm, fascinated at his interest, just soaking in every moment.
It was a moment I wanted to capture.
I think it's time. Time to get the boy a chess set!  


  1. All of my boys play! What a great thing for them to do together.

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